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Enzen is a global knowledge practice that provides consulting, technology, engineering, management and innovation services to leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organisations and not-for-profits. 

We focus on gaining, refining and sharing expertise in the energy and utility sector; providing strategic advisory and implementation of outcome-driven solutions. We work with customers across the utility value chain to deliver sustainable and lasting improvements to their efficiency and performance, adding value to their bottom line.

Demand for energy (power and gas) and water is consistently growing as the population of the planet expands.  Our goal is to support large consumers of energy and water, and improve the sustainability of resources by increasing efficiency and optimising existing operations. In addition, we develop commercially successful ways to use renewable resources to deliver a transformative advantage for our customers. 

As demand grows so does opportunity, something that Enzen has seized on since its inception in 2006. The business has grown and developed across the globe, with a physical presence in the UK, India, Australia, USA, Spain, Turkey, Middle-East, Africa and Kazakhstan. As we push into the second decade of the company, we are super-charging our growth, through the delivery of exceptional value and results to our customers. For people with the right mindset and attitude, the opportunity to develop and grow in the organisation has never been greater. Enzen’s consistently expanding solutions, services and geographies mean that we are always on the lookout for those individuals who stand can drive change, are hungry for success and the rewards that go with it.