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Enzen's key partner in delivering it's Smart City solutions is Wellness Telecom.

Wellness Smart has had innovation in its DNA since its inception in 2008. In a market of large telecom operators, Wellness Smart saw a need for an end-to-end solution provider with the agility and expertise required to meet market needs. It evolved from a boutique Telecommunications and IT systems Company into an IoT company with a smart vision focused on efficiency, sustainability and interconnectivity for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

The company is passionate about finding sustainable ways to better the world by building improved and secure interconnected ecosystems all based on sound R+D. Wellness Smart’s dedicated product developers and R+D team have built a vast portfolio of IoT products with embedded cybersecurity. Proprietary solutions in Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Communications and Smart Sensors have been implemented in 100 private companies, 250 cities and 60 countries worldwide.

As part of its ambitious international expansion strategy, Wellness Smart has partnered with Enzen, a global leader in the Energy and Utilities sectors with a presence in more than 12 countries. As a result of this strategic partnership, Wellness Smart’s offering has expanded to include the unique experience and capabilities that Enzen brings, adding unparalleled value to the company. 

Wellness Smart currently has offices in Spain (Seville, Malaga and Madrid), Germany, Australia, Sweden, Mexico and the United States. 

Published: 30 Jul 2018

Last updated: 29 Nov 2018