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Smart Grids Overview

Smart Grids are changing the way utilities operate, allowing them to combine modern digital and communications technologies to seamlessly interact with customers. They collect and analyse data from utility assets such as distribution networks, sub-stations, feeders, and transformers and use that for quick decision making, thus optimising how utilities operate.

Enzen helps global utility companies to usher in Energy Transformation and provide customer-centric models. 

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Enzen’s AMI offering empowers utilities and customers by providing granular information on energy use. It integrates various technologies and components to provide a comprehensive metering solution. It combines smart meters, communication technologies, IT systems & business applications into a single platform. 

Outage management & distribution automation 

Enzen’s automated network & control management applications allow utilities to have a self-healing network. They enable operators, engineers and business managers to monitor, control and optimize performance on a real-time basis to deliver immediate results. 


Our PLM/DR solutions allow customers to adjust their energy use and reduce costs, thus making utility operations more economical. These demand-side management programs enable users to view and moderate their consumption so that they consume less energy, especially during peak hours. 

Condition Monitoring System 

Enzen’s best-in-class Condition-based Monitoring System focuses on extending asset life through proactive maintenance to avoid failures, thereby reducing
the OPEX. It provides real-time information of network elements such as transformers that allow users to efficiently monitor and manage network assets. 

Intelligent Feeder Management

Our cutting-edge feeder monitoring and management system enable distribution utilities to meet regulatory requirements. It enables them to improve performance, reliability and efficiency of the network by providing high quality and real-time situational data across the distribution network. 

Control Centre & Security Network

Enzen’s single interface integrates all applications and products into a single system to allow ease of access to data and quick decision making. It can be deployed at control centers across the globe and integrates solutions across electricity, water and gas. 

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