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Enzen’s Digital Intelligence teams help energy and water enterprises improve their operations and results thorough enhanced data quality, analysis and recommendations using bespoke analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.  

"In the digital world, energy and utility businesses depend on how well their machines can capture, learn and act on the best knowledge algorithms available."

Ben Nicaudie - Global Head of Digital Intelligence

To take the most impactful actions, you need accurate data that supports your decision making. We believe that helping you to create a digital data-value vision and a roadmap to improve quality of information, is the basis of your entire digital strategy. With a strong foundation of advanced automation and insights, you can capture and integrate insights from micro-events and sensor data for real-time operational optimisation.

This optimisation enables us to identify any operational process that would potentially benefit from Artificial Intelligence productivity improvements, or model entire business operations and provide improvements to supply and demand balancing, through introductions of the changing energy mix to informing investment decisions.

And on top of this, we ensure that we aid the meeting of regulatory targets through your optimised data practice.

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