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As Head of Water in India, Chethana's role is to transform water utilities by liberating inefficiencies within their organisations. She passionately believes that water – unlike other natural resources – has no substitute, so is deeply committed to issues of water conservation, water resource management and non-revenue water programmes.

Thanks to her breadth of experience and knowledge, Chethana has the expertise to develop innovative solutions which are customised to the needs of utilities. As well as focusing on eradicating water scarcity through a pragmatic approach, she encourages utilities to embrace digital solutions which enhance efficiency, sustainability and customer experience.

With more than 23 years of experience in the water sector in USA and India, Chethana has worked on projects in distribution, operations and treatment. She has been influential in the augmentation and upgrade of existing water treatment plants, plus the transformation of distribution systems. Chethana was part of a water reuse committee in Maryland, USA, and has enabled other water utilities in the country to comply with regulatory requirements.

She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in the USA and a postgraduate diploma in Project and Construction Management from the NICMAR Institute in Pune, India. She worked at several multinational companies before joining Enzen.

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Published: 16 Jul 2020