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Debabrata is a transformative leader, instrumental in launching and nurturing the operation team in energy efficiency initiatives. Currently he heads the Network Automation & consultancy portfolio in energy & utilities business.

He believes in leveraging his diversified knowledge & over two decades of experience across the power distribution sector, through innovative strategies, best practices and customised processes. Debabrata helps stakeholders transform the distribution sector, with focus on liberating energy inefficiencies and enabling positive change in energy accessibility. He has more than two and half decades of experience in the utilities sector, working across distribution operations and advisory services. A team player, who leads by example.

Debabrata imparts technical & analytical skill and problem solving abilities along with pragmatic solutions for business turn around. His primary objective has always been to transform the distribution utilities by enhancing their operational performance and making a win-win proposition for both utilities and the consumer.

He is passionate about realigning his knowledge base by implementing innovative solutions in the areas of network systems improvement, commercial process management as well as various IT & OT solutions. With increasing RE, EVs, DERs etc. effective integration of all variables while ensuring resilient operation of the grid is a necessity. Debabrata specialises in converting these challenges to right opportunities by providing adept solutions.

Debabrata is a loving father to his one son and a devoted husband. In his free time he involves himself in different activities contributing towards social upliftment.

He has worked in several MNCs like PWC, AES Inc., BHPE-Kinhill, prior to Enzen in various roles viz. Utiliy Business, Project Management & Advisory.

Debabrata holds a B.E in Electrical from R.V.C.E B’lore & Post Graduate Diploma in Management from XIM, Bhubaneswar.

Debabrata is working on newer and smarter technologies, enabling younger talents to learn how to use new technology and processes in ever-changing future network scenarios. In the new world of decarbonisation and “Net Zero” commitments, there is a need for of Utilities to become more in their network configurations to include decentralising the network assets as well as improving and expanding basic network infrastructure.

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Published: 23 Apr 2018

Last updated: 27 Nov 2023