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Deepak Shenoy is the Associate Director of ZenMeter, an Enzen Group company. He has over 30 years of experience in the electrical field across digital meters, energy management systems, as well as energy and power quality audit. Following a mantra that there is “always more to learn” Deepak believes that effective utilization of time and resources, both human and material, can help you achieve any goal. 

An entrepreneur at heart, at an early age, Deepak chose to start his own business, and for three years, manufactured energy meters and motherboards for C-DOT. He excels in business development, channel management, direct marketing, sales promotions and new market development and is considered a deal-maker in the commercial and industrial markets. 

Over the years, Deepak has worked with various organizations and has spearheaded a number of projects and new initiatives such as the ‘Agriculture Feeder Management’ project in Punjab which was based on GPRS virtual power networks. In addition, he was involved in an AMR project that covered 9,000 metering nodes based on GSM Modem technology in Bhopal, Gwalior and Indore in India. Deepak has also run R-APDRP projects as its MDAS Partner in Karnataka and Uttarakhand, and has partnered with Infosys and Infinite Computers. During his career, Deepak has implemented multiple LPR - RF metering projects based on 2.4GHz mesh radio technology, as well as cloud based prepaid metering technology in various utilities, defence organisations and the Indian railways. He is currently formulating strategies that will put ZenMeter on the global map. 

Deepak holds a bachelors’ degree in Electronics from Bangalore University and has been trained in Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad in Competitive Marketing.

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Published: 2 Jan 2019

Last updated: 11 Jan 2019