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Ian is passionate about creating value for customers, employees, shareholders, partners, stakeholders and the community through engagement, collaboration, thought leadership and innovation.

In Australia, he led the transformation of Queensland’s regional poles and wires business Ergon Energy. This involved transitioning it from being a monopoly transporter of electricity towards an open-access platform model. This has sustained the network value and enabled the efficient integration of distributed energy resources and user applications, delivering customer empowerment, choice and control in the market.

Elsewhere, Ian led or sponsored key innovations including the development of a spatial intelligence and situational awareness capability ROAMES (Winner of the 2015 Edison Electric Institute International Innovation Award).

Another innovation was the Townsville Energy Smart Community Smart Grid Program – an Electric Power Research Institute Smart Grid demonstration project, Queensland Premiers Award Finalist and EPRI Technology Transfer Award winner.

Through its strategy, innovation and outcomes, Ergon Energy won the Climate Alliance Business Innovator of the Year for its response to climate change.

Ian has also influenced industry direction through roles as Director and Deputy Chairman of the Energy Supply Association of Australia, Director of Energy Networks Australia and Chairman of the Queensland Futures Institute Energy Committee.

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Published: 5 Jul 2019

Last updated: 21 Jul 2023