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John works with Enzen’s Centres of Excellence to empower them with innovative digital solutions. He believes our age of digital transformation is changing the business ecosystem and the way we operate and interact with individuals, organisations, companies and governments.

Because of that, he's a passionate believer that digital technologies have immense potential to contribute to the growth of the energy and utilities sector. Specific examples include the delivery of exceptional value through gathering and interpreting insight from various data streams, plus the engagement of customers and employees on a real-time basis.

John has more than 20 years of professional experience in software products development and project/programme management in large system integrations. He has been instrumental in developing niche, industry-renowned products for Enzen – contributions that have resulted in the company winning three prestigious power awards for innovative IT applications in the power distribution domain.

In addition, he has experience of the software development life cycle within utilities, from its feasibility stage through to successful delivery. John has a firm grasp of the utilities sector in both India and UK, and has worked in UK gas transmission as an asset management and data integrity specialist.

A PMI-certified project management professional, he holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications from Bharathiar University and has worked in companies such as Wipro Technologies and Nous Infosystems.

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Published: 23 Apr 2018

Last updated: 15 Oct 2019