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Louise Carter is a seasoned and visionary leader, spearheading our People & Culture department with unwavering dedication and expertise.

Her work philosophy revolves around fostering a culture of inclusivity, employee growth, and professional development. Louise believes that a thriving workforce is the backbone of any successful organization.

Louise is well-known for her exceptional ability to cultivate strong and positive relationships with employees at all levels, fostering a harmonious work environment and boosting employee morale. As the head of People & Culture, she brings a wealth of experience in talent acquisition, employee engagement, and strategic workforce planning, aligning human capital with organizational objectives. Under her dynamic leadership, our company has experienced increased productivity, an increase in the number of employees, improved company policies and procedures and a greater sense of belonging among employees.

Louise is passionate about supporting the well-being and career growth of our employees, offering comprehensive benefits packages and exciting career development opportunities. Outside her professional role, Louise enjoys spending time with her family, who provide support and encouragement for her to excel in her work. In her free time, she enjoys catching up with friends and family, travelling to new places, reading and sewing. Musical Theatre is also a passion.

Louise’s prior experience in managing diverse teams and implementing innovative HR strategies adds depth to her role as the head of People & Culture. She holds Level 7 CIPD Qualification and a Degree in Business and Finance, reinforcing her expertise and leadership capabilities in overseeing our organization's most valuable asset – our people.

Louise Carter's leadership as the head of People & culture has brought positive transformations to our organization, making it a workplace where talent thrives and employees feel valued and empowered. With her passion for people and strategic vision, Louise continues to shape the future of our company through its most valuable resource – its human capital.

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Published: 20 Nov 2023

Last updated: 21 Nov 2023