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Manish Jamthe​ is a Chief Executive Officer who is relied upon by businesses to deliver outcomes from large multi-party commercial engagements. ​

​Manish​ believes that relentless focus on delivering value for clients, nurturing talent and leading from the front are the attributes that go a long way in creating a sound business that delivers sustainable growth. This approach has helped Manish, build trust with clients, partners and his teams in a variety of different business environments across different geographies. Manish also believes in understanding and playing to strengths of different parties - be it individuals, teams or organisations coming together for a purpose.

Now as the CEO of Enzen UK, Manish is using the same strategy to quickly build the same reputation across the business.

Prior to this role, Manish was the Chief Risk & Compliance Officer for Enzen and also had responsibility for a range of other Corporate Functions including Legal & Commercial. ​Before joining Enzen, Manish has worked with Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, EDS, Wipro, Barclays and Cabinet Office within Her Majesty's Government.

​Manish completed the Senior Leadership Programme from the London Business School. 

​Manish gained a master​ of technology degree in Industrial Management from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and also holds a bachelor of technology degree in Mechanical ​Engineering.​

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Published: 5 Apr 2018

Last updated: 11 Jan 2019