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Mark Wetton is the Chief Executive Officer – Middle East, who leads all Enzen business activities in the Middle East Region. Mark drives the strategy, business development and Operations within the Region. He leads the local Middle East Team and the BU leaders who come into the Region to develop their business using  CoE business development specialists.

As this was a new business unit in 2017 it was effectively a startup and Mark has used his extensive experience in this Region and in previous startup positions in other regions of the world, to create a completely new business for Enzen. This business is based on the Enzen model and is using innovative ways to adapt existing offerings and develop new specialist offerings specifically for the region.  The target Mark has set is to deliver consistent, profitable growth across all territories in the Region, with total focus on customer satisfaction and retention.

Mark believes that the key to success is to ensure an in-depth understanding of the target customers and markets and to help them achieve great results. This way we understand and build solutions customers want to buy and we become a partner in helping them be successful. Mark believes that if we add value to our customers they will want to work with us as a strong partner for the long term.

Mark has a passion for helping the Regions Energy, Water and Industrial customers optimise and increase their efficiency to provide accessible energy, water and commodities to their customers. Conserving resources and the environment wherever possible, by focusing Enzen on providing commercially advantageous renewable and sustainable solutions.

Mark has held senior positions in several major Global companies, in various places around the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Middle-East. He brings strategic and business development expertise as well as technical understanding, innovation and a strong drive to succeed.

Mark has studied Electrical Engineering, Business Management and is a Global Business Strategy Alumnia of Stanford University. Cal. 

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Published: 14 May 2018

Last updated: 11 Jan 2019