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Nimal Krishnan is an accomplished Client Director, focussing on business growth and leadership in NSW, Australia.

Nimal’s growth philosophy revolves around cultivating long term trusted relationships with the CXOs, grounded in his proven track record of consistently delivering committed business outcomes across the energy & utilities landscape. Nimal’s passion for the energy sector stems from his belief that the sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation, driven by the convergence of distributed energy resources, technological advancement and the commitment towards de-carbonisation.

Nimal is known for his astute problem-solving acumen, and possess an innate ability to craft optimal solutions tailored to address sector challenges and the specific needs of his clients. He has successfully demonstrated this approach in leading several Advisory and Transformation engagements enabling investment funds and utility organisations to unlock value through innovative and disruptive business models

Outside of work, Nimal loves to spend time his young daughter. An ardent chess enthusiast, he is both an active player and dedicated follower of the game, holding an FIDE chess ranking.

Nimal holds an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi and an Engineering degree from NIT Jaipur.

Nimal's leadership as the Client Director has brought positive transformations to our organisation, spearheading Enzen expansion with new client base, new product offerings and assisting our clients with their energy transition.

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Published: 15 Nov 2023

Last updated: 27 Nov 2023