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Satheesh Kumar is a first-generation entrepreneur who founded Enzen Global Solutions and currently serves as its Managing Director, paying close attention to the company’s Indian operations. His vision is to make energy and water available, accessible and affordable to everyone in a sustainable manner.

Satheesh envisions a world where even the poorest and most remotely-located people have access to a sustained supply of energy and water, and one in which wastage of resources is minimal. He believes that the purpose of any business should not merely be to create monetary wealth but also create social wealth.

He set up Enzen in 2006 as a knowledge-based international consultancy, technology integrator and engineering enterprise, focused on delivering outcome-based turnkey solutions to its customers in the sectors of power, gas, water and renewables.

Under his leadership, the company has expanded its operations to cover more than 12 countries through a mix of group companies and subsidiaries, and now has a headcount of ~3,000 professionals.

Satheesh has more than 27 years of experience across industries such as utilities, financial services and telecommunications, and has worked in the USA, UK, EMEA and India.

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Published: 23 Apr 2018

Last updated: 3 Jan 2024

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