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Shailender Thakur is the CEO of Zenmeter Solutions, our smart metering products company. He has a long and successful history of leading businesses, and achieving revenue and profit goals.

He believes in being entrepreneurial and innovative in his work, and inspires his team to dream big, feel engaged, and foster creativity.

Shailender is adept at diving deep into operational issues, brainstorming with his team, and finding structural solutions. This has helped Zenmeter achieve a clear positioning as an OEM for its customers, expand its product portfolio, and optimise its cost structures.

He has leveraged his extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the B2B and B2G products market and P&L ownership to grow Zenmeter's order book, customer base, and industry integration. Zenmeter is now on track to become one of the top three metering companies in India.

Shailender has worked tirelessly to establish Zenmeter as a premier smart meter provider. He has achieved this by pursuing a sustainable business model, building a high-performing team, and setting up many new systems at Zenmeter.

He enjoys exploring new places and has recently taken up gardening as a hobby. He finds it very creative and refreshing.

Zenmeter has been an ideal platform for Shailender to apply his learnings from previous experiences of leading an electronic products and industrial automation solutions company for seven years. He also has general management and operation experience from working in private equity and setting up new manufacturing plants in India and globally.

He holds a master's degree in finance and an engineering degree at the undergraduate level.

Under Shailender's leadership, Zenmeter has secured some of the biggest smart metering orders in India today. Zenmeter is at the forefront of the smart metering revolution underway in India. Ultimately, he is committed to delivering on Zenmeter’s promise of placing product quality at the core of its business.

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Published: 16 Nov 2023

Last updated: 27 Nov 2023