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Swagatam Biswas is a veteran Indian Equities Professional with a sparkling track record of over 20 years. He is serving as the Chief Strategy Officer of Enzen Group

Swagatam believes in fostering transparency and inclusiveness in decision making across the organization. His unwavering effort in explaining the underlying context for every exercise taken helps build trust and ownership amongst the stake-holders.

He is well known for his ability and experience in showcasing businesses in the right context to a wide variety of counterparties - something that has given him consistent success during his long innings in the Indian Equity Markets. As the Chief Strategy Officer at Enzen, Swagatam ensures smooth coordination of Business and Finance teams while developing best practices for Investor Communication as Enzen prepares for wider Investor Outreach

In his brief stint at Enzen, Swagatam has managed to establish the importance of timely and transparent communication between stakeholders to achieve a synchronized approach towards achieving strategic targets. He has been instrumental in showcasing the exciting Enzen story, to the wider Equity Market participants, leading to strategic and sustainable growth of the company. His prior experience as the Head of India Sales at CLSA helped build a dominant market share for CLSA in the Indian Equity Markets, with the widest coverage of investors investing in India.

Swagatam derives strength and purpose from his loving wife, two children, and his doting parents. He is a passionate football player and a loyal Manchester United fan - a passion he shares with both his children.

He holds a B Tech in Electronics Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and a MBA in Finance & Strategy from IIM Calcutta. Well known for his indulgent leadership approach, he has always helped his team members fast-track their knowledge and career growth.

Swagatam has been instrumental in driving strategic growth of the company through his passion for network, strong acumen for Indian Equity markets and sharp strategic insights.

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Published: 15 Nov 2023

Last updated: 27 Nov 2023