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Vince is a Digital and Innovation Leader who works with CIOs, CTOs, CDOs and COOs to deliver enterprise and digital point solutions to address their organisations’ tactical and strategic business objectives. Vince’s professional instinct, aligned to his mathematical training, is to decompose clients’ business problems into a series of smaller optimisation challenges and employing the best digital solutions to yield faster productivity and cost-reduction outcomes. Over the last year,

Vince has successfully led cross-geography teams that maintain large enterprise systems for Utilities and has facilitated the curation of platform-based solutions within his CoEs that have resulted in multi-million-pound operational efficiencies for UK Clients. Prior to Enzen, Vince was an Automation and Innovation Practice Leader at Accenture with a focus on driving operational efficiencies from the solutions delivered out of the India Delivery Centers.

Vince is a proven leader of high performing client teams and diversity employee networks. Teams he has led have been nominated and won multiple awards including the UK Management Consulting Awards for “Best Client Performing Team” in 2013 and “Best Employee Network” in the European Diversity Awards in 2015.

Vince holds a bachelor degree in Mathematics & Computer Science and a PhD in Operational Research from Brunel University UK. His doctoral thesis focussed on using Artificial Intelligence techniques for solving mathematical optimisation problems – a theme that underpins his client delivery philosophy.

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Published: 23 Apr 2018

Last updated: 8 Jul 2019