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Vishwanath Belliappa is the Chief People & Culture Officer at Enzen. He is an alumnus of Stanford University Graduate School of Business, USA, and holds a masters’ degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT, Karnataka, India. 

Vishwanath has over 23 years of experience across the Energy & Utilities and IT industries, and has held leadership roles in human resources, talent development, organizational development, management consulting and technology services delivery.

He is an eager beaver and is passionate about breaking stereotypes. While he uses tools for decision making, he says that nothing compares to listening to your gut instinct as it is normally right.

Professionalism is his attire, both inside and outside the office. While he is persistent, Vishwanath has learnt the art of letting go so that he can take on the next important thing. Under the public eye or not, he believes integrity lies in always doing the right thing. His leadership wisdom is “the clock is ticking and we have only one chance to create a positive impact in society”.

Vishwanath likes to spend his weekends with people who are in need. This may include interacting with lesser privileged children at rural schools or raising funds for those who are in financial distress for medical aid or it could be planting trees in his community.

Speak to Vishwanath Belliappa:

Published: 14 May 2018

Last updated: 11 Jan 2019