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Reducing cost and improving efficiency through process innovation

"Enzen’s knowledge practitioners use network automation to enhance utilities’ business performance with minimal spending on infrastructure"

Debabrata Rout, Head of Power Distribution

As a knowledge enterprise, Enzen believes in using our expertise, insight and the latest automation technology to make existing systems perform better and smarter.

Through our Network Automation Centre of Excellence, we partner with utilities to increase their network performance, boost their revenue and control their costs. Our solutions can also help utilities optimise their spend on assets and plan better for network expansion.

All this can be invaluable to utilities which have to manage complex networks. Whether it’s evaluating the condition of assets, managing resources to improve productivity or capturing customer interaction, Enzen’s knowledge practitioners use network automation to enhance utilities’ business performance with minimal spending on infrastructure.

Interactive, real-time solutions

From asset tracking to mobile-based self-service facilities, we encompass the entire value chain, delivering interactive solutions that work on a real-time basis and result in greater efficiency and transparency. Examples include:

  • Network and Asset Capture: This Android-based solution simplifies the complex manual task of creating single line diagrams of a network. User-friendly and dynamic, it enables utilities to edit the current network, update asset details and creates a digital repository which, when integrated with various software tools, facilitates superior analysis and evaluation.
  • Workforce Management: With many front-line utility professionals always on the move, this Android solution allows management to communicate priorities, allocate work and track attendance through mobile devices. The result is quicker escalation of critical issues, more coherent workforce processes and greater productivity all-round.
  • Automated Meter Reading: Understanding how high-value consumers use their energy is essential to any utility seeking to improve its customer satisfaction. Through our Automated Meter Reading solution, utilities can perform real-time audits of consumers’ energy usage, patterns and capabilities, so issues can be resolved preemptively.
  • Customer Self-Service:A cost-effective, one-stop shop solution, this web and Android-based tool gives consumers access to outage notifications, bills and payment information, customer care service and a mechanism to raise complaints and alerts about the network.
  • Spot Billing and Collection: By automating meter reading and bill generation, this solution saves time, increases productivity and frees up resource to be devoted elsewhere. Utilities can therefore make quicker, more informed and more comprehensive decisions about managing their commercial operations.