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Designing and delivering a new energy experience

"Rather than taking a piecemeal approach which only focuses on specific areas, our Centre of Excellence views smart metering through the lens of the entire energy value chain"

Deepak Shenoy, Chief Executive Officer, ZenMeter

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, our Smart Metering Centre of Excellence creates personalised, proactive solutions for utilities and their customers.

Whether you’re a provider or a consumer, maximising the potential of your energy resources depends on acquiring accurate, timely data that generates valuable insight and improves your day-to-day decision-making.

Our Smart Metering Centre of Excellence incorporates the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology to develop intelligent solutions which measure and monitor energy use and provide high-quality information for all concerned.

Empowering all those involved

These solutions encompass how utilities manage their assets to how consumers interpret and act on the data they receive. By doing this, we empower all those involved with the knowledge and information to deliver and consume energy effectively in the long-term. The benefits of our IoT solutions include:

  • Greater accuracy and transparency for providers and consumers
  • Customised metering solutions and personalised intelligence
  • Optimised energy use in homes and businesses
  • More efficient use of assets in the network
  • Real-time automated data collection that reduces dependencies on field teams
  • Flexible smart metering that’s can be adapted to different market segments: rural, semi-urban, urban and commercial
  • Smart Edge devices enabling a resilient intelligent grid.

The outcomes are tailored solutions that make energy resources accountable, affordable and sustainable: what we like to call ‘a new energy experience’ for customers and consumers.

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