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Customised, best-practice solutions specifically for utilities

"We'll deliver the best outcomes for your organisation by tailoring our solution to your unique business needs"

Srikanth Arya, Chief Digital Imaginist

Every utility is unique in how they work towards meeting business objectives and stakeholder needs.

While there are commonalities across utility business processes, one size doesn’t fit all. Our IP and Solutions Centre of Excellence specialises in offering digitally-enabled, customised solutions designed exclusively for the specific needs of energy and water businesses.

Offered as a service using innovative commercial models honed for the industry, these solutions focus on work management, asset management and customer services. They include:

  • Zen Multi Utility Accelerator: an end-to-end service to manage the operations and industry interoperability requirements of an independent utility operator.
  • Live Utility Platform: an extended reality, virtual world view of a utility network that facilitates operational decision-making through a live digital twin and powerful analytical knowledge filters.
  • Customer Self-service Platform: a comprehensive, omni-channel self-service platform where customers can effortlessly manage flexible interactions with utilities.

Digital Asset Management

Learn how our Digital Asset Management solution can help reduce costs and increase efficiency for utilities:

Robotic Process Automation

Discover how our Robotic Process Automation solution can resolve network failures quickly and efficiently:

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