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Enzen works across the Power value chain to support Utilities to meet their regulatory targets and requirements, provide exceptional supply and service to their customers, and deliver continuing value to their shareholders. 

In today's competitive environment and a highly commoditised world, it's difficult to stand out. In addition, with rapid changes and ongoing disruption, it is becoming increasingly challenging for utilities to satisfy the needs of various stakeholders such as energy producers, consumers and operators. Enzen's expertise across the power value chain helps utility companies to consistently perform above expectations and address these issues. With growing regulatory pressures, the focus on development of a sustainable future, as well as increasing costs of maintaining ageing infrastructure, power companies face an uphill battle. 

We operate across the value chain and work closely with Utilities to enable them to provide an efficient, reliable and safe networks and services. Using a practice-based approach and extensive industry knowledge, we improve their infrastructure, reduce energy losses and increase revenue, thereby enhancing the viability of these organisations. Our expert transformation teams have taken a lower quartile performer to the number one performer in the sector. In addition, we have helped power companies use UAV's (Unmanned aerial vehicles) to check and review power lines. We pride ourselves on delivering outcomes that our customers require. Utilising innovation and critical thinking from strategy to implementation and management, you can rely on us to deliver the results you need.