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Orange Creek Cattle Station is a 500,000-acre property located 90 km south of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory. 


To reduce its carbon emissions, Orange Creek commissioned Enzen to advise on a diesel replacement and cost-saving energy system. 

The Enzen

After auditing Orange Creek and analysing the data on the station’s diesel use, the Enzen team proposed a fully integrated off-grid system. The new technology used a 90kW solar array, combined with battery storage, a full monitoring system and demand management control, complete with an ambient-controlled system room to combat adverse heat. The system provided Orange Creek with 20 hours of autonomous renewable energy, with the continued security of a diesel generator back-up.

and Value

Overall, the new system at Orange Creek will deliver annual savings of more than $55,000 per annum, with accumulated savings of more than $1.5 million across the life of the system. It will also reduce carbon dioxide pollution by more than 80,000kg per year, ensuring the cattle station leaves a positive impact on its environment.

Published: 4 Jan 2019

Last updated: 4 Jan 2019