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As part of its work for a large UK wastewater company, a utility infrastructure support service provider was under pressure to meet its customer and financial performance targets. 


To achieve the turnaround, Enzen were recruited to deliver a performance improvement package that would improve service, efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

The Enzen

From overseeing the client’s planning and scheduling functions to coaching and mentoring its field staff, Enzen implemented a comprehensive transformation solution. Innovations included the use of Enzen's IP (Intellectual Property) products, plus statistical analysis, to craft a unique solution tailored to the client's specific requirements. 

Working collaboratively within the client’s organisation for a year, the Enzen team streamlined back office operations and empowered the field force with the necessary tools to become better at what they do. 

Other initiatives included ideation and innovation days, tailored training sessions, new communication channels and a revamped Management Information function to provide daily insights on performance and customer satisfaction. 

and Value

Thanks to these bespoke solutions, the client improved its planning and scheduling functions by 25%, increased field efficiencies by 50% and reduced the cost of plant and equipment hire by 30%. Other successes included a reduction in average job response time from 19 hours to 6 hours, achieved with 30% less back office staff. 

Published: 15 Nov 2018

Last updated: 2 Jan 2019