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Key facts

  • 40% of the power market in Australia
  • 3 month programme
  • 3-5 year transition roadmap

Customer Challenge

As the Australian power industry accelerates its deployment of renewable energy sources to meet ambitious decarbonisation targets, many of the country’s utilities are transforming their operations to keep pace with the scale of change.

One such utility, which manages part of the country’s high voltage electricity transmission network, embarked on a review of its people, process and technology infrastructure so it could maximise its performance in an evolving industry landscape.

To achieve best practice, the utility appointed Enzen to undertake a strategic, diagnostic assessment of its systems and operations. This encompassed enterprise resource planning, programme management, data architecture, technology organisation structure and governance and the potential use of cutting-edge digital solutions.

Our Solution

Over a three-month period, Enzen’s knowledge practitioners performed a high-level assessment of the utility which involved reviewing existing documentation and conducting interviews with the customer’s client management and operational staff.

Combining strategic acumen with operational delivery and transformational insights, Enzen’s subsequent recommendations were based on the team’s extensive knowledge and experience in transforming utilities and reimagining their futures.

The plan included digitally re-engineering a number of transmission utility processes, the democratisation of its data and possibilities for how this data could become a source of new, unregulated revenue.

Other features included converging operational and information technology and a far-reaching programme of cultural change. The potential for digital twinning, designed to enhance the efficiency and quality of asset management, was also included to show the customer the art of the possible.

Outcomes delivered

The outcome of the collaboration is a comprehensive, end-to-end 3-5 year transition programme that will help prepare this transmission operator for the next phase in its organisational growth.

As a result, the customer will continue to provide more flexible, efficient and reliable transmission services to 40% of the Australian electricity market and accommodate a wide range of renewable technologies.

Through advanced information modelling and management technologies, the proposed programme will enable the utility to make timely, informed decisions in a rapidly evolving and uncertain market. This will ensure it can continue to drive innovation, reduce costs and play a leading role in Australia’s energy transition.

Published: 24 May 2021

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