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At Enzen, our purpose is to make energy and water accessible, affordable and sustainable to all.

Our Values

At Enzen, we collaborated across our business to define the values we believe make up our brand. They are:


We believe in our purpose and are committed to achieving it by delivering on our promises. 


We believe in being honest, accountable, truthful and sincere. For us, integrity is the foundation of strong relationships and positive impacts for all our stakeholders.  


We approach challenges with an open mind, encourage alternative thinking and understand that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere.


We are always open to learning new skills, setting the standards and building wisdom, then sharing and applying our learning to solve real-world problems.  


We consistently deliver positive outcomes by committing to continuous improvement and applying industry best practices, processes and safe operating procedures.


We provide a safe and supportive environment where we treat everyone with equal respect, dignity and empathy. All views and contributions are valued.    

Published: 19 Apr 2018

Last updated: 11 Jan 2019

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