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Enzen's Group Companies provide specialist knowledge and exceptional delivery. 

WiSH Energy, India

Set up to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable, WiSH (Wind-Solar Hybrid) delivers highly customised, smart and integrated renewable energy solutions at relatively low operating costs. 

ZenMeter Solutions Pvt. Ltd, India 

Offering customised smart metering solutions, ZenMeter helps lead its residential, commercial and industrial customers towards a smarter and more energy efficient world. 

Wellness Telecom, Spain

A company specialising in the Internet of Things, Wellness Telcom provides efficiency, sustainability and interconnectivity services for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

Oakus Group Ltd, UK

Providers of on-site fault restoration and asset refurbishment services, Oakus delivers operational and engineering programmes for energy and water clients. 

Enertest Energy, Turkey

Specialists in renewable systems, Enertest Energy provides engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operating,  maintenance and repair services. 

Verticross India Pvt. Ltd.

With a deep focus on technology in the Power, Water, Oil, Gas, Transportation and Security and Surveillance sectors, Verticross is a system integrator proficient in the delivery of IT services, digital and business solutions.

Fortech Inc, USA

Leveraging its domain knowledge, operational expertise and global best practices, Fortech delivers localised business transformation solutions.

Published: 12 Apr 2018

Last updated: 11 Jan 2019