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Enzen was nominated for innovation excellence alongside our customer UK Power Networks at The Energy Awards 2019, a flagship industry celebration.

Elios 2 in Action 0006 - Entering a manhole against the light.jpg
Enzen's solution can improve safety, reduce costs, increase reliability and enhance maintenance performance (Picture courtesy of Coptrz)

We were shortlisted in the Innovation of the Year: Processes category for our work in developing a cutting-edge Aerial Asset Inspection solution for underground shafts and tunnels, trialled at two UK Power Networks sites in London.

The solution is designed to provide a safe and cost-effective alternative to the time-consuming process of manual underground inspection. The new concept saw Enzen deploy lightweight drones in the sites’ shafts and tunnels, operated by trained drone pilots. The drones inspected the assets and gathered an all-inclusive view of their condition through a combination of quantitative and qualitative data.

The solution means UK Power Networks now has a digital asset management solution they can use to capture quality data more reliably and quickly, centralise their inspection data and improve asset performance.

Published: 21 Jan 2020

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