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Transforming energy and water companies into smarter digital utilities

Over the next decade, energy and water enterprises will be doing business in an environment of complex interdependencies with increasing unknowns.

Energy companies must prepare for an unprecedented transition into a world of highly interconnected, decentralised networks, something that will require a fundamental change to their traditional business models.

Meanwhile, water utilities will face an ever-increasing, and often unforeseen, agenda of demands driven by a mix of extreme weather, localised water scarcity and ageing network infrastructure topologies.

In parallel, everywhere we look the technological landscape is undergoing massive transformation and people’s expectations of what can be achieved are high. Emerging technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), together with the huge amounts of data being generated and captured in today’s society, are promising to turn every business into a smart, digital business.

Specialist knowledge partner

To succeed in these changing times, utilities require the tools and models to exploit data effectively. The gathering of intelligence that will lead to more effective decision-making. The timely adoption of relevant digital technologies. And the expertise and insight of a specialist knowledge partner committed to driving positive change.

Our Digitalisation division reimagines utilities for the digital world through eight dedicated Centres of Excellence (CoEs):

  • Advisory
  • Automation and SCADA
  • Asset Performance
  • Digital
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Grid Assets
  • Smart Networks
  • Transformation

Starting with our customers' vision and target outcomes, each CoE will deliver the innovation, end-to-end management and outcomes needed to help create the smarter digital utilities of the future.

Our Digitalisation services: