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Making renewable energy accessible and affordable for all

"Our Renewables team provides customers around the globe with real-time support for site assessment, system design, installation and commissioning activities"

Amol Balwant Shende, Chief Operating Officer, WiSH Energy Solutions

Demand for renewable energy sources is increasing rapidly. Enzen is well-positioned to meet customers’ requirements through a specialist team dedicated to finding cleaner, safer ways of harnessing wind, solar and hybrid power.

In our Renewables Centre of Excellence, we’re focused on the high value delivery of smart, customised and integrated solutions. We develop these though continual research and innovation, collaborating with knowledge practitioners across the Enzen Group and beyond.

The result is internationally certified and patented wind turbine technology, compact enough to be used in metro, urban, suburban, remote areas and also in extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

Alongside this we’ve developed a series of customised renewable solutions that encompass solar, wind, hybrid, water and storage that's fit for microgrids, telecom and street lighting. Our full list of support services includes:

Survey and planning

  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Detailed resource potential assessment
  • Pre-design and savings calculation

Engineering and cost

  • Turbine and solar PV components selection
  • Detailed plant design and engineering
  • Cost-efficient sourcing

Construction, maintenance and support

  • Complete system installation
  • Load/grid interconnection
  • Testing and validation

Monitoring and optimisation

  • Ensuring optimal asset performance
  • Asset management platforms through SCADA / cloud monitoring.

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