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As utilities transform for net zero, the advantages of cloud present huge opportunities to create long-term value.

From enhancing operations and improving efficiency to developing new solutions for customers, cloud is integral to power, water, gas and renewables companies as they embrace digitalisation.

As a utility specialist, Enzen is aware all our customers are at different stages in their cloud journey. Unlocking its true potential requires customised transformation solutions that appreciate the distinct challenges of the sector.

Through our deep domain knowledge in utilities, Enzen creates cloud solutions that are technology-agnostic and targeted at each customer’s unique level of cloud maturity.

We operate at the intersection of utilities and the cloud. Our capability extends across cloud, encompassing infrastructure, applications, data, AI and security, and the integration of these different elements to deliver cost-effective, positive and sustainable outcomes.

TARGETED TRANSFORMATION: Enzen's cloud solutions are tailored specifically for utilities

A utilities-led approach

Rather than wholesale migration, we offer holistic thinking and tailored solutions, specialising in:

  • accelerating value in the cloud journey through maturity assessments
  • cloud engineering for product modernisation
  • application migration and re-architecting
  • integrated asset operations and predictive infrastructure
  • data modernisation.

By collaborating with Enzen’s knowledge practitioners, utilities access a combination of strategic thinking in all these areas, plus a nuanced understanding of the technical, regulatory, commercial and operational landscape that characterise our sector.


Benefits for customers

These include:

  • enabling utilities to see where they on their cloud journey
  • demonstrating the value of cloud adoption
  • prioritising future investment
  • accessing modern engineering solutions to achieve value faster
  • moving critical systems to the cloud
  • increasing visibility of your remote assets
  • using cloud intelligence to respond and improve
  • creating business value from data.

The outcome will be accelerating our customers’ cloud journey in a way that makes them smarter, more efficient and more resilient for the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition.

Case studies

To learn more about our cloud solutions, please contact Paul Bowker at

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