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Water is an ever-scarcer resource and consumers around the world are expecting greater value and higher quality.

Combine this with population growth, endemic leakage, the drive for decarbonisation and rigorous regulation, water companies need to invest in smart infrastructure that’s safe, sustainable and delivers maximum performance at minimum cost.

To accelerate the digital transformation of water utilities, we’ve created a unique end-to-end IoT-driven solution which allows networks to reap the operational and commercial benefits of a secure, scalable and agile digital ecosystem. Through global open standard telecommunications, we guarantee connectivity to every water meter, sensor and device in your network.

Our solution

Combining our deep domain knowledge of utilities with best practice LoRaWAN technology, our solution provides high quality, affordable connectivity that enables:

  • greater accuracy in smart meter readings and forecasting
  • effective management of flow and pressure quality
  • improved network resilience
  • optimised asset lifecycles
  • less water leakage
  • lower energy costs and billing amounts
  • and superior customer service.

As carrier-grade LoRaWAN licensees, we will integrate our connectivity solution with your existing water infrastructure, reducing the need for costly network investment.

A global open network standard, LoRaWAN is a low-cost, low-risk and low-power networking option, providing flexibility of deployment, a large ecosystem of device manufacturers and industry-leading security protocols to safeguard sensitive water utility data.


Benefits for customers

As specialists in the digital transformation of utilities, we envisage a world where digital water ecosystem can gather, understand and act upon experience and data like a person would, yet synthesise all this information with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Through our collaboration, you can accelerate the digitalisation of your utility and achieve a smarter, safer and more sustainable infrastructure, preparing your organisation for the social, economic and technological challenges to come.

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