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Enabling digital transformation through best-in-class solutions

In an industry more complex and challenging than ever, utility companies need to be agile and creative in how they adapt to challenging regulation and the twin trends of decarbonisation and digitalisation.

Our Enterprise Solutions Centre of Excellence offers the services and solutions to transform gas, power and water utilities into truly digital organisations which can thrive in a changing world where sustainability and innovation are essential.

From managing dynamic customer interactions to developing sophisticated business models and shaping the smart networks of the future, our global team of knowledge practitioners has the experience and creativity to deliver customised digital enterprise solutions that enable utilities to solve the most complex of challenges.

Our breadth of expertise covers Core Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Field and Workforce Management, plus the development and management of critical gas and power control systems utilising IoT and SCADA.

Through a combination of thought leadership, architectural governance and leading-edge applications, we unlock value and drive positive, long-term transformation for power, gas and water companies around the world.

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