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Redefining society’s relationship with energy and water

"In the digital world, energy and utility businesses depend on how well their machines can capture, learn and act on the best knowledge algorithms available"

Srikanth Arya, Chief Digital Imaginist

The global utilities industry is undergoing huge transformation: a changing energy mix, new regulatory structures and increasing digital demands from consumers.

Enzen’s Digital DAMS Centre of Excellence helps utilities adapt to these new challenges, preparing them for the smart cities and digital energy and water infrastructure of the future. Drawing on global experience and close links to academia, our team of world-class data scientists provides advanced data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence cognitive services to utility customers.

We shape strategy and implement solutions. We invest in innovation and collaborate with the best and brightest. And we combine cutting-edge digital thinking with a practical, knowledge-based approach and a passion for positive change.

Continuous innovation

To ensure our outcomes are scalable, we’ll address the cultural aspect of utilities as well. Our goal will be to instil a continuous innovation mindset, so customers can adapt to the evolving relationship between society, technology and energy and water.

Digital Intelligence’s main achievements so far include:

  • Applying a bespoke Machine Learning solution to enable real-time transformer load management on London’s power grid, delivering a 20% increase in transformer capacity.
  • Developing single operational views of power generator utilisation for a fleet of more than 400 generators. This reduced operational costs by £12m per annum and reduced the number of Customer Minutes Lost.
  • Implementing a decision support system for modelling gas flow forecasts. Based on multiple weather information sources and real-time feedback from low pressure monitoring, the system delivered a resulting Opex saving of more than £1.5m.

Other services and solutions in development include:

  • Water system crisis management modelling to plan for and manage unexpected major events in real-time.
  • Predictive analytics asset intelligence solutions for optimising the Industrial Internet of Things within energy and utilities, using automated Machine Learning and powerful cross-domain visualisation platforms.
  • Innovative automated data science advisor services to accelerate and standardise the adoption of organisational domain knowledge – without the need for in-house data science or Machine Learning expertise.

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