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Safety, Health and Environment Policy Statement

Enzen Global are business consultants and solution providers for business transformations, business operations, execution excellence, energy & water networks and digital enterprise. We focus on clients in the gas, power and water sectors. We work from our own premises, customer premises and sites around the United Kingdom.

We recognise that whilst our purpose is to reduce the business risk of our customer’s activities that our own activities involve potential safety, health and environment risks. To minimise these risks, we are committed to:

  • providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury and ill health,
  • environmental protection and prevention of pollution,
  • fulfilling our compliance obligations including legal and other requirements and the needs and expectations of interested parties,
  • consultation and participation with our employees,
  • eliminating hazards and reducing SHE risks,
  • continual improvement of the SHE management system, and
  • not allowing other business objectives to compromise our health & safety objectives.

To deliver the above commitments we have an established SHE management system certified to ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, with the objective to:

  1. Risk assess our activities products, and services and establish and implementing risk control measures to eliminate and minimise risk.
  2. Understand external and internal requirements and implement them.
  3. Identify emergency situations, reducing the likelihood of them occurring and preparing for occurrence.
  4. Provide training, supervision and information to employees.
  5. Provide safe work equipment and safe and healthy working conditions.
  6. Act as an environmentally sustainable organisation that utilises environmental resources efficiently, prevents pollution and takes a life-cycle approach to business procurement and strategic decisions where they can affect people or the environment.
  7. Ensure that outsourced activities are controlled.
  8. Ensure that in the locations where we deliver service that we ensure coordination, communication, care, custody and control.
  9. Monitor and review performance and effectiveness of the SHE Management System.
  10. Deliver continual improvement through identifying opportunities for improvement and controlling non-conformity.

We shall communicate this policy through display in Enzen office reception areas, new employee induction, on the Enzen website and on request by interested parties.

We review this policy as part of any change process, lessons learnt / knowledge transfer, post-incident and annually.

Updated 18 December 2023

Published: 18 May 2018

Last updated: 8 Apr 2024

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