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Key facts

  • 36000 km of pipeline
  • 6.7 million consumers
  • 1 cloud-based solution

Customer Challenge

As part of its vision to become its country’s most advanced gas operation, a gas distribution company wished to upgrade its network’s control room. As the nerve centre of its entire operations, the control room monitors and controls pressure and alarm systems across 36,000 km of pipeline.

The customer commissioned Enzen to deliver a best value solution for the upgrade. The project’s primary objectives were i) to create a reliable and robust operation that would be more secure and efficient ii) to replace the system’s aging hardware and software and iii) to build-in enough flexibility so the control room could accommodate future challenges in terms of energy demand and new digital technologies.

Our Solution

In an ambitious and ground-breaking solution, Enzen moved the entire control room infrastructure and suite of applications to a public cloud platform. Working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Enzen created a proof of concept, set-up the infrastructure, applications and connectivity required, then performed robust end-to-end testing of all applications. All this required an intimate knowledge of the customers operations, expert stakeholder management and a passion for challenging the status quo.

Outcomes delivered

The customer now has a stable, secure, scalable and flexible control room which costs less to run and offers superior control and visibility over its operations. The customer can now manage its control systems more quickly than ever, launching new servers and applications within minutes as opposed to a few days.

Ultimately, Enzen’s solution saves time, money and is a more long-term sustainable solution: benefits that can be passed onto the 6.7 million consumers who rely on the customer’s network.

Published: 2 Jan 2020

Last updated: 12 Aug 2021