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The Government of Karnataka has recognised Enzen for its major contribution towards India's first-ever smart grid project.

Enzen has received one of the state's Special Power Awards 2017, presented by the Department of Energy in recognition of the companies, service providers and officers who have contributed to the achievements of the power sector.

The Enzen team collected the award at a ceremony attended by many government officials including Shri Siddaramaiah, the Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, and Shri D.K. Shivakumar, the Honorable Minister for Energy.

Working with CESC Mysuru, which provides electricity to five districts in Karnataka, Enzen develop a smart grid solution for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and rural category consumers.

In addition to hardware deployment, our team set up a state-of-the art control centre and developed and commissioned some mission critical applications.

These included an outage management system, fault management system, mobile work management, transformer monitoring system, advanced metering infrastructure, peak load management with demand response, remote reconnection / disconnection and data analytics.

Published: 3 Jul 2020

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