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Key facts

  • 29 cities covered
  • 5 organisations supported
  • 40+ groups of initiatives

Customer Challenge

In Mozambique, half the urban population lives below the national poverty line and only a quarter have access to piped water. As more citizens move to major towns and cities, the country is facing a critical challenge to improve its water and sanitation services and by doing so, enhance health, reduce poverty and accelerate agricultural and industrial production.

The Urban Water Supply Infrastructure Fund (FIPAG) is the Mozambican government organisation responsible for managing the country’s urban water system assets and the public investment programme.

Public-private partnerships are an integral part of FIPAG’s strategic vision to modernise water supply operations across the country. In collaboration with regional companies AdRMM, AdRS, AdRC and AdRN, FIPAG oversees the supply of water to 29 cities, including the capital Maputo and large urban centres in the country’s north, south and central regions.

To address Mozambique’s critical water challenges, FIPAG has also formed a partnership with the World Bank’s International Development Association. Faced with the task of modernising the country’s water infrastructure, the two organisations required a knowledgeable, creative partner to provide global transformation expertise in water and a strategic roadmap for the next five years.

Our Solution

Based on our track record as an innovator and influencer in utilities, Enzen was appointed to develop an advisory solution that aligned with FIPAG’s strategic and tactical goals and which would enable it to become a world-class water management company.

Drawing on best practice digitalisation practices we successfully implemented in Europe, Asia and Australia, the Enzen team created a comprehensive roadmap for investing in and implementing new information communication technology.

Through a combination of site visits, workshops and deep-dive investigation, the Enzen team conducted a 360-degree analysis of FIPAG’s strategy and operations. We reviewed processes, systems architecture, security, data and other technology infrastructure against specialist benchmarks, including Enzen’s own unique proprietary tool the Zen Water Reference model.

We then recommended a holistic strategic journey for FIPAG’s digital transformation, identifying more than 40 different groups of initiatives. These were shortlisted to a selected few, based on the customer’s readiness in terms of resources, skills, training needs and funds available.

Outcomes delivered

Through our master plan, FIPAG has access to global best practice advice for governing, planning, procuring, implementing, operating and managing technology investments and resources for the next five years, all targeted at creating safer, more resilient and more efficient water systems.

As a result of our collaboration, FIPAG can embark on a game-changing transformation programme that will make it a more efficient and sustainable water asset fund – and an innovative leader enabling millions of Mozambicans to enjoy better quality of life and greater economic prosperity.

“This project with Enzen has provided us a wider perspective, created an all-inclusive approach and given us a realistic roadmap," said the customer. "Enzen is an excellent partner with great attention to detail when it comes to delivery. Their utility-specific knowledge and skills instils trust and confidence. We are looking forward to building on the foundation we’ve created so far for the next phase in FIPAG’s transformation.”

Published: 27 Mar 2024

Last updated: 9 May 2024

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