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Key facts

  • 3 electricity distribution networks
  • 7 year capital programme
  • 1 technology roadmap

Customer Challenge

As part of a strategic vision to provide safe, reliable and affordable power to customers, a global infrastructure company needed to integrate network-critical systems and support across three electricity distribution networks in Australia.

Enzen was appointed to design a new organisational solution for Operational Technology (OT) within the utilities, plus a future OT roadmap that would deliver greater long-term value and reliability for electricity consumers.

The integration required significant organisational, cultural and technological alignment, so it was essential Enzen deployed its deep domain knowledge of OT across the project, underpinned by a more visionary, strategic perspective of how utilities infrastructure will develop in future.

Our Solution

Drawing on its expertise of the power sector and track record for innovative, end-to-end management of utility solutions, our team completed a comprehensive review of the networks’ OT, incorporating platforms, architectures and applications.

Included in the scope were control room operations, outage management, advanced metering, geospatial information, network planning and real-time network analytics.

Following the review, Enzen developed a functional model and organisational structure for OT, one based on optimising resources and aligned with new technology in a way that would future-proof operations. Using this as a foundation, the team then proceeded to develop a technology roadmap for the customer that outlined a high-level programme of technology capital projects over a seven-year time frame.

Outcomes delivered

Through close collaboration with the customer’s internal team, Enzen envisioned a common infrastructure and common network solution that would deliver value for all three electricity networks and their consumers over the long-term.

Benefits of the solution include more flexible customer choices such as distributed energy resources management, more efficient resource management, advanced analytics and decision-making in network operations, plus an ability to integrate seamlessly the different practices of third parties as needed.

As a result of the partnership, Enzen was also able to encourage a change in the customer's mindset and its perceptions of what could be achieved through more innovative use of OT. By demonstrating the ‘art of the possible’, Enzen has paved the way for more proactive, nimble and flexible power distribution services to millions of consumers in Australia.

This will also ensure the networks, and the wider industry, are better prepared to manage the challenges of distributed generation, decarbonisation and digitalisation that will shape the Australian energy sector for years to come.

Published: 1 Oct 2020

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