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Key facts

  • 1 electricity network
  • 5 million consumers
  • 200 meetings arranged

Customer Challenge

As part of its transformation journey from Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to Distribution System Operator (DSO), a UK electricity distribution network required a specialist partner to deliver a managed service transition of its critical business operations during the Spring and Summer of 2020.

The objective of the transition was to reduce the network’s operational expenditure, improve the user experience of its critical business systems, enhance cross-company collaboration and enable it to better fulfil its regulatory requirements. From a longer-term perspective, the transformation was an integral aspect of the utility’s long-term strategy to support the UK’s net zero ambitions.

Enzen was appointed to deliver the programme, which involved transitioning core financial, HR, connections and work management systems from one supplier to another. Drawing on our deep domain knowledge of utility infrastructure and ability to unlock value for customers, we set about developing more innovative, efficient and streamlined operational solutions that would meet the customer’s needs.

Our Solution

Transitioning such business-critical operations from an incumbent partner to a new one is high-risk in normal times, and hugely dependent on access to the utility’s people, information, systems, resources and insights. The challenge was made even more complex by the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, announced just after Enzen was appointed.

Without a physical presence at the customer’s site, Enzenites had to deliver everything remotely, which meant creatively adapting our service and solutions to meet the customer’s needs in unprecedented circumstances.

This included developing a fit-for-purpose service delivery framework for the client, proactively engaging with stakeholders and collaborating with multiple customer teams and third-party partners. In total, Enzenites organised more that 200 internal and external meetings to ensure all knowledge was successfully transferred and the utility’s employees were trained and empowered to operate the systems smoothly in future.

Adapting to the new normal in an efficient and safe way, Enzenites showed impressive flexibility, professionalism and resilience to complete the transition on schedule, to the highest standards of quality and with zero escalations recorded.

Outcomes delivered

This excellent outcome is a testament to Enzen’s knowledge, passion and commitment to outstanding service, and will ultimately help provide more reliable, sustainable and affordable energy to five million energy consumers in the UK.

The success has created a strong foundation for a long-term relationship between Enzen and the customer, which is now better equipped to transition from being a DNO to a DSO and integrate cleaner sources of energy into its network. Consequently, this will enable prosumers (consumer and producers) of energy to access the power distribution network in a more sustainable, reliable and affordable manner, supporting the country’s transition to net zero.

Through our deep domain expertise and passion for positive change, Enzen has empowered this major UK utility to achieve its ambitions and thrive in a changing industry landscape of increasing digitalisation, distributed generation and low-carbon technologies.

Published: 25 Nov 2020

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