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Key facts

  • 15 years of growth
  • 50 remote field teams
  • 2 weeks of analysis

Customer Challenge

Over the past 15 years, a UK Independent Connection Provider (ICP) has achieved significant growth installing water, gas and power mains for some of the country’s largest housing development companies.

To improve further its operational and financial performance, the ICP asked Enzen to analyse its business in comparison with competitors, identifying ways to unlock value, deliver greater efficiency and discover opportunities for continued growth.

Our Solution

In response, Enzen delivered a structured two-week programme of analysis, incorporating all aspects of the customer’s business. Led by experienced utility knowledge practitioners, the Enzen team evaluated all functions in depth, from back office systems and work planning to project management, field delivery and supervision.

Enzen’s solution defined the customer’s current operating model and gauged the value each business function ultimately added to the ICP and its customers. Through Gemba studies (the personal observation of work) and daily reviews of productivity, the Enzen team was able to understand fully the work involved, monitoring performance as it happened rather than how it was supposed to be.

Outcomes delivered

Our recommendations included:

  • a detailed transformational programme to deliver sustainable operational improvement for the customer
  • solutions for better financial and operational forecasting and reporting
  • improved methods for measuring employee performance
  • new ways to motivate customer-facing colleagues and maximise remote workers’ and field engineers’ operations.

Enzen quickly grasped the unique features and challenges of our business,” said one of the customer’s senior leaders. “Their approach was thorough, objective and produced quantifiable recommendations and a clear route as to how we could improve our operations.”

Published: 14 Jan 2020

Last updated: 29 Jan 2020

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