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Key facts

  • 2 million customers
  • 30k+ kilometre pipeline network
  • 18k tonnes of carbon dioxide savings

Customer Challenge

In its drive to reduce carbon emissions, a gas distribution network providing energy to more than two million homes needed the support of a deep domain specialist in the energy sector. The challenge was to complete an inventory of the network's greenhouse gas emissions, then provide strategic expertise on how to achieve its broader carbon objectives across a pipeline network of more than 30,000 km.

Our Solution

Through close collaboration with the customer, Enzen performed an in-depth strategic study of its greenhouse gas activities. This encompassed all its low-carbon innovations and deployed scenario forecasting and analysis to generate deeper insights into prospective low-carbon activity. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative indices, including Enzen’s competitive scorecard model, Enzen’s knowledge practitioners identified, evaluated and prioritised carbon reduction strategies for the utility. The end result was a robust masterplan that delivered value and drove positive change, demonstrating how the customer could achieve a saving of 18,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

Outcomes delivered

Thanks to its collaboration with Enzen, the customer completed its greenhouse gas inventory in line with industry practice and regulatory requirements. With a more accurate and comprehensive view of its Business Carbon Footprint, the utility was able to use Enzen’s specialist knowledge as the template for future inventories. Enzen’s insights also served to ‘greenwash’ the utility’s business plan and innovation framework, enabling it to produce more compelling and innovative submissions to the regulator.

Published: 18 Jun 2020