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Key facts

  • 1 gas safety case
  • 12 core procedures
  • 8 technical documents

Customer Challenge

As an Independent Distribution Network Operator, Leep Utilities Ltd owns and operates regulated and non-regulated utility networks across the UK. These include electricity, water, heating and cooling at sites like Manchester’s MediaCityUK, Liverpool Waters and London’s Canary Wharf. Keen to tap into similar opportunities within the gas sector, Leep made the strategic decision to become an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT).

Leep commissioned Enzen to help set-up its operating procedures as a new IGT. The challenge called for a single, end-to-end solution that would deliver best practice processes, secure the necessary safety licences and equip Leep with the tools, skills and documents to operate sustainably and efficiently in future.

Our Solution

Enzen applied its Zen Multi-Utility Accelerator framework to achieve Leep’s objectives. The Accelerator framework is a set of reusable processes, technology and operational solutions which helps multi-utilities set-up, manage and improve their returns on asset investment.

As part of its solution for Leep, Enzen developed a gas safety case, twelve new operating procedures (including emergency, asset adoption, audit policy, operation and maintenance procedures) and six appendices (including an organogram, glossary, service provision contracts and connection point contracts).

A further eight documents were created to cover things like gas technical standards and the recording of gas distribution assets. In addition, Enzen helped deliver competency reviews for all members of the operational team to ensure they had the required knowledge and skills.

Outcomes delivered

The Health and Safety Executive approved Leep’s gas safety case and Ofgem awarded it an IGT licence in July 2019.

Published: 8 Jul 2019

Last updated: 12 Aug 2022

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