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Key facts

  • 2 power customers
  • 3 coal-fired plants
  • 4 units assessed

Customer Challenge

As part of the Indian government’s renovation and modernisation of the country’s old coal-fired power plants, two state-owned power companies commissioned Enzen to provide an Environmental Audit and Due Diligence (EADD) assessment across three sites.

Our Solution

Enzen assessed four different units in total – two 110MW units and two 210MW units. The team’s priority was to gauge current performance in terms of energy, efficiency and environmental impact.

Once a performance baseline was set, the project team would then develop a bespoke solution to control and prevent pollution, minimise waste and conserve resources.

After undertaking detailed EADD studies, Enzen identified a series of technical, financial, institutional and managerial measures to improve overall efficiency and environmental performance. This included new technology to improve output reliability and save maintenance costs.

Outcomes delivered

The plants are now performing more effectively and efficiently, with environmental risks reduced and relations with surrounding communities improved.

Published: 12 Jul 2019

Last updated: 21 Oct 2019