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Key facts

  • 1 major merger
  • $2.3B gas network
  • $7.4B multi-utility gas business

Customer Challenge

A customer commissioned Enzen to provide strategic and tactical advice on how to get maximum benefit from the merger. Working closely with the conglomerate to understand its short-term and long-term needs, the Enzen team needed to create a sustainable roadmap for future success.

Our Solution

The Enzen team began with a detailed assessment of the merger in the context of the wider industry landscape. Focusing on the client’s strategic objectives, Enzen identified opportunities for synergy between the two parts of the business. Immediate actions, future targets and a series of initiatives across all departments were developed, with each solution tailored to the client’s unique challenges.

Outcomes delivered

With a comprehensive, sustainable roadmap of targets, strategies and tactics in place, the newly-formed gas business is now able to plan, measure and achieve its ambitions clearly and consistently.

Published: 16 Nov 2018

Last updated: 18 Jul 2019

  • Australia
  • Gas
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