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Key facts

  • 1st improved customer service
  • 2nd Reduced risks and operating costs.
  • 3rd Delivered improved business performance

Customer Challenge

An Australian-based electricity company asked Enzen’s Digital Enterprise team to digitise and automate its business processes. The project's main objectives were to secure the company’s revenue, improve customer service, increase efficiency and reduce risks and operating costs.

Our Solution

Through digital strategy, intelligence and asset management, Enzen worked closely with the customer to develop a cross-business solution that managed, integrated and co-ordinated complex financial reports. Automation, data conflation and advanced analytics combined to create a more intelligent system capable of interacting and exchanging information to improve quality and efficiency.

Outcomes delivered

Enzen’s digital solution delivered better financial controls across auditing, version control and change management, and reconciled separate data sets to improve system scope, design, resource planning, execution, assurance, closedown and evaluation. The outcome for the customer has been improved business performance and a solid foundation on which to develop its transactive networks.

Published: 2 May 2018

Last updated: 18 Jul 2019

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