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Key facts

  • 21 million users
  • 1,600 network transformers
  • 5,000 network feeders

Customer Challenge

To fulfil its vision of more sustainable power for all, one of Turkey's largest power distribution companies needed to prepare for the increasing number of clean energy sources on its network and the decarbonisation of the country's electricity grid.

The customer's network services 9.6 million customers in 14 Turkish provinces and provides distribution services to more than 21 million users. All of this is delivered across a wide geographical area encompassing a huge number of network assets, including 1,600 remote terminal units, 1,600 transformers and 5,000 feeders.

Due to the size and complexity of its operations, the company had to future-proof its systems for the large influx of Distribution Energy Resources (DER) like solar that would soon be connecting to its low-voltage network.

Without adequate monitoring and control, the variable nature of DER can cause instability in the system and interruption in power supply to consumers. A new solution was needed that would enable the customer to detect faults and interruptions swiftly, plus anticipate supply and demand with greater accuracy.

Our Solution

The customer appointed Enzen to deliver a cost-effective, scalable network monitoring solution. Its purpose would be to function across a wider geographical area in sometimes harsh environments, and transmit and analyse data on the low-voltage network through a variety of communication protocols.

Enzen delivered a unique solution based on its deep domain knowledge of network design, operational technology, Internet of Things (IoT), smart devices and cyber security. The solution comprised the design, build and commissioning of smart devices, plus the design of an IoT software platform that would facilitate superior device management, data collation and data analytics.

Outcomes delivered

Enzen's solution delivered the following outcomes for the customer:

  • faster detection of fault locations and quicker subsequent analysis
  • more robust and accurate grid data
  • more reliable and higher quality power supply to consumers
  • a reduction in operational and capital expenditure
  • increased understanding of the low-voltage network and how it is impact by DER.

Together this has created the foundation for more accurate data across the network, paving the way for affordable long-term asset maintenance and cleaner, more efficient power across Turkey.

Published: 21 Oct 2021

Last updated: 30 May 2023

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