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Key facts

  • 25% of arable land to grow energy crops
  • 1 Combined Heat and Power Plant
  • £418k potential savings

Customer Challenge

To improve the efficiency of its industrial operations, a large chemicals company commissioned Enzen to find an innovation solution that would reduce its site’s energy consumption and operational expenditure.

The plant in question is located in an environmentally sensitive area, surrounded by arable farmland and a nature reserve designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, so any solution needed to take these circumstances into account.

Our Solution

After performing an in-depth feasibility study of the site and analysing the data, Enzen’s industrial efficiency experts identified an opportunity to use the farmland in an innovative way and deliver potential savings value of more than £418,000.

Consisting of maize, wheat and sugar beet crop, the arable land can be converted into a biogas through an anaerobic digestion facility installed on site. This method sees the crop broken down by micro-organisms to produce a methane-rich gas that would serve as a fuel.

This solution enables the customer to sell the biofuel on the market and offset its operational expenditure. In addition, it can use the fuel to generate power through an on-site Combined Heat and Power Plant, enhancing its plant’s efficiency without adversely affecting the environment.

Outcomes delivered

Impressed by Enzen’s ability to see a creative solution where no other companies could, the customer has approved the plan and is now progressing the design and procurement stage. The project has the potential to be a hugely transformative solution for the customer, which will be able to leverage its own resources in a sustainable, inventive way to drive efficiency and improve performance.

Published: 13 Feb 2020

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