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The Geospatial Excellence Awards in Queensland has honoured an innovative data digitalisation solution from Enzen which supports social inclusion and unlocks value for a major electricity network.

Together with our partners Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA) and Energy Queensland, Enzen was named winner of the 'Technical Excellence' category at the Brisbane event.

The awards, organised by the Geospatial Council of Australia, celebrated our successful collaboration in merging and cleansing geographic asset data from legacy systems to accelerate the digitalisation of Energy Queensland's network.

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CELEBRATING EXCELLENCE: Michael Krome (fifth from right), Chief Marketing Officer for ASA, attended the event on behalf of the partnership

Crucial to the partnership were 50 neurodiverse young Australians. We employed this next generation of talent to harness their specific cognitive skills in a geospatial context, giving them the opportunity to learn how to analyse huge amounts of asset data and acquire excellent career experience.

Judges hailed the project as "amazing... it outlines the opportunities and social benefits that the geospatial industry can provide, and the ability to identify, embrace, challenge, and train people from different backgrounds to contribute to the geospatial profession."

As we continue to enable the digital utilities of the future, Enzen believes in inspiring the leaders of the future to contribute their diverse skillsets to the energy transition. This latest project is an excellent example and we're proud of everyone involved for their achievement!

To learn more about the awards event and the work of the Geospatial Council of Australia, click here.

Published: 6 Nov 2023