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Enzen knowledge practitioners from the UK and Australia joined fellow water industry influencers at an international event in London, where we discussed how smart water metering networks can be transformed through innovative use of telecommunications.

The Global Smart Water Metering and Intelligent Data Utilisation Congress, a two-day event in the UK capital, attracted senior utility professionals from across Europe.

Among the speakers was Harsha Anand, Global Head of Advisory for Enzen, who delivered an insightful presentation to the audience on how telecommunications can be a key enabler for smart water metering and other water utility monitoring needs.

He was joined at the event by Rob Zagarella, CEO of Enzen group company NNNCo, and Easwar Parameswaran, Head of Business Consulting at Enzen UK.

Global Smart Water Metering Congress - Group Image.jpg
ASSURED CONNECTIVITY: (From left) Easwar Parameswaran, Head of Business Consulting at Enzen UK; Harsha Anand, Global Head of Advisory for Enzen; and Rob Zagarella, CEO of Enzen group company NNNCo

Together the team enjoyed quality conversations with utility representatives and specialist partners, who were keen to learn more about our plans to use open standard telecoms to achieve assured connectivity in water networks.

Water is an ever-scarcer resource and consumers around the world are expecting greater value and higher quality. Combine this with population growth, endemic leakage, the drive for decarbonisation and rigorous regulation, water companies need to invest in smart infrastructure that’s safe, sustainable and delivers maximum performance at minimum cost.

To accelerate the digital transformation of water utilities, Enzen and its group company NNNCo have created a unique end-to-end IoT-driven solution which allows networks to reap the operational and commercial benefits of a secure, scalable and agile digital ecosystem.

Through global open standard telecommunications, we guarantee connectivity to every water meter, sensor and device in your network.

Learn more about our water expertise here and by watching the video below. For more information about the solution, contact Harsha Anand at

Published: 13 Mar 2024

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